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Category: Labor Management Issues

New York State Prohibits Employers from Requesting Employee’s and Applicant’s Social Media Credentials

Effective March 12, 2024, New York Labor Law prohibits employers from requiring employees and job applicants to provide information about their personal accounts. If you think this sounds familiar, you are right. This idea has …

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NLRB and OSHA Join Forces for Investigations and Enforcement Actions

The Occupational Safety Health Administration (“OSHA”) and the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) recently joined forces through a new Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”). Their goal, to further enhance collaboration between the two agencies during investigations …

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Illinois Joins National Trend Providing Protections to Temporary Laborers

The national trend to protect temporary Laborers continues. This past August, Illinois passed legislation that expanded its Day and Temporary Labor Services Act. The amendment became effective on August 4, 2023 (immediately upon its signing). …

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Do you have a “No Phone” policy in your stores? Surprise – this policy (and others) may now be illegal.

This past month, in Stericycle, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced a new amorphous legal standard it will use to judge whether union-free employer’s rules and policies are lawful under the National Labor Relations …

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