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Personnel Policies


We draft employee handbooks and personnel policies for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Our team works closely with management and human resources professionals to ensure the handbook or policy fits the company’s needs, mission, and corporate culture all while complying with applicable laws. We also consider size and industry as these factors can control what laws apply and what practices are necessary given your industry.

Handbooks (Standard or Custom)

Employee Handbooks provide management with an opportunity to communicate rules and policies to employees in a positive manner while also “selling” the company as a great place to work. Handbooks are also a resource that provides answers for the most frequently asked employee questions which eases the burden on management. Finally, with proper crafting, they also set the tone for the company’s culture and provide useful information to employees on the company’s history, goals and expectations.

Handbooks also provide employers with an opportunity to try to prevent legal problems and can even serve as a defense when claims arise.

While a good handbook is very valuable, outdated and neglected handbooks can create a smoking gun for unsuspecting employers. Therefore, we regularly review existing handbooks and make recommendations to comply with best practices and changed or overlooked laws. To stay in compliance, we recommend employers review their handbooks once a year for any changes in existing or new laws.

To ensure the handbook meets the company’s needs as well as fits within the budget, we offer a standard handbook at a flat fee or alternatively can draft a fully customized handbook at hourly rates. This variety of options allows our clients to choose the handbook that best fits their particular needs.

Crafting Best Practices Policies Based On New Laws Or Evolving Company Needs

In addition to addressing specific compliance questions and strategies, we counsel Human Resources professionals on developing and maintaining effective, up-to-date personnel policies. We also craft policies that are customized to our clients’ unique needs. A sampling of the policies we can craft include:

  • Social media;
  • Social networking;
  • Workplace computer, e-mail, and internet usage;
  • Protecting confidential employee data;
  • Workplace ethics;
  • Reductions in workforce;
  • Dress code for the modern workplace;
  • Open Door policy;
  • Solicitation and Distribution policy;
  • Workplace safety;
  • Anti-harassment;
  • Attendance policy;
  • Employee assistance programs;
  • Workplace investigations;
  • Corrective action forms;
  • Direct deposit forms;
  • Progressive discipline; and
  • All variations of leave policies.