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Category: Union Issues

Biden and His Democratic Congress: What That Could Mean for Employers

January 20, 2021 What will the world look like for employers with President Biden and the Democrats in control of the Senate and House of Representatives? This article examines how key employment law issues could …

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National Labor Relations Board Finds Video Surveillance of Workers’ Union Activity Violates NLRA

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently ruled that an employer’s video surveillance of its employees in the process of distributing Union materials and literature (and thereby breaking Company rules) was illegal under the National …

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Connecticut Supreme Court Says You Can’t Smoke Marijuana at Work But it’s Not a Capital Offense

We previously wrote about Gregory Linhoff, an employee at the University of Connecticut Health Center, who was caught smoking marijuana in his employer issued van while at work. Not surprisingly, the Health Center terminated his …

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