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Protect Your People (PYP)


Protect Your People & Other Proactive Membership Programs




We are proud to offer the Protect Your People program to quick service restaurants (QSRs), retail or service chains, franchisors, and other multi-store business operations across the country! We are happy to tailor our program to meet your needs. Please request information below.

Benefits of the Program

  1. Quarterly web-based training on labor relations issues and federal legislative developments;
  2. Monthly legal updates focusing on trends and developments across the country;
  3. Labor Alert Text Messaging which advises of relevant local and national labor activity that is likely to affect your restaurants;
  4. An hour of monthly consultation with an attorney skilled in Labor Relations and the world of QSRs;
  5. Alerts regarding national labor developments and new federal labor and employment laws that will impact your stores; and
  6. A 10% discount from our standard fees should you need our assistance beyond that provided through the Service. If local assistance is needed for state specific issues, we have a network of attorneys who can assist you.

Who Should Join? 


As a QSRs, retail or service chains, franchisors, or other multi-store business operations, you likely are surrounded by many stores that are similar to your own. If this is true for you, it is important to remember a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Once a union, or governmental investigator finds fertile ground, they will attack every store like yours in the area. If they find no violations and no interest in a union, they will move to more fertile ground.  That is our goal; support businesses so unions and government investigators see no opportunities for success when they enter your stores.


Our pricing varies depending on a variety of factors. Please request more information and we will be in touch with the pricing for your stores. 





As a member of our PYP Program, you will immediately have access to our digital library, with all the content below and more! For security, Brody & Associates changes the password regularly. Please email us from your company or franchise issued email address to request the password. If you are not a member, please request more information using the PYP Registration button below.

  • Signage for your store
  • Issue Free Webinars
  • Quarterly Webinars
  • Talking Points for Managers
  • And More!




The Union Preparedness Audit provides a professional audit of your operations to help ensure you are ready if your store is targeted by a union.  While the PYP Labor Relations program provides general guidance, the Union Preparedness Review provides a much more in-depth analysis of your specific organization. 

What the Union Preparedness Review Provides

  1. Brody and Associates does an issue-free analysis with all your GM’s and helps them prepare to address the issues raised. This helps Operators create and maintain a healthy, positive work environment for their employees. ​
  2. We review key labor relations policies and postings like your no-solicitation rule and the consistency of some of your practices such as dress codes and breakroom policies.
  3. We do a supervisory analysis and determine who are and optimally should be your supervisors.  
  4. We discuss issue-free and union-free best practices including travel paths, proper orientation, “selling your Company as the local employer of choice,” and more.


Our pricing varies depending on a variety of factors. Please request more information and we will be in touch with the pricing for your stores. . 



Program Overview 

If you are ever faced with a union election, the voters will be your employees within a particular “bargaining unit.” The NLRB presumes each business location is an appropriate bargaining unit, but that is not always the end of the story. Our PYP Bargaining Unit Analysis program helps Owners understand the pros and cons of different bargaining unit configurations and helps you decide what is best for your business. Do you want all your stores in one unit, each store in its own separate unit, or a combination of the two? Once you make this decision, we help you create the facts and a path to get to your desired result.

This program uses a four-step process:

  1. Obtain and analyze information from the Owner regarding the number of stores owned, their locations relative to all other owned stores, the corporate structure of the stores including ownership, and a detailed discussion of exchange among the stores regarding crew, management, equipment, food, maintenance services and other common services, etc.;
  2. Understand the pros and cons of different bargaining unit configurations;
  3. Coordinate with accounting and corporate legal advisors about the ramifications of this choice and then decide on your desired result; and
  4. Prepare a strategy to create the facts that have the best chance of leading you to your desired result.


Our pricing varies depending on a variety of factors. Please request more information and we will be in touch with the pricing for your stores.