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Author: Katherine M. Bogard

NYC Employers Take Notice: NYC Consumer Affairs Changes Name as it Launches a Worker Rights Campaign

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has changed its name to the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP).  Simultaneously, the DCWP launched the “We Fight for Every Worker in NYC” campaign to encourage NYC …

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How To Avoid Lawsuits While Protecting Employees During Measles Outbreak

Originally published in the Rockland County Business Journal, May 2019.   As an employer, you feel responsible to prevent the spread of measles in the workplace. But the last thing you want is legal backlash.  Here’s …

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Navigating Measles In The Workplace, Humanely And Legally

Originally published in the Rockland County Business Journal, May 2019. As of April 22, 2019, 83% of Rockland’s confirmed reported measles cases were found in children under the age of 18.  If you learn that …

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Originally published in the Rockland County Business Journal, April 2019.  As we all know, Rockland County is in the throes of a measles outbreak.  The legal question we’re contemplating is “What should an employer do?  …

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Is A Rumor A Woman Slept Her Way to the Top Sex Discrimination?

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled spreading rumors that a woman slept her way to the top is sex discrimination.  The Fourth Circuit includes federal courts in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, …

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