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Ringing in 2020 with a Higher Minimum Wage

Before the ball drops on 2019, employers throughout New York will see an increase in the minimum wage.

  • In New York City, for employers with 10 or less employees, the minimum wage is increasing to $15.00 an hour on December 31st. For large employers, i.e., those with 11 or more employees, minimum wage is already $15 an hour.
  • For employers in Long Island and Westchester County, the minimum wage is increasing to $13.00 an hour on December 31st.
  • For the rest of the State of New York, minimum wage will increase to $11.80 on December 31st.

The hospitality industry has a separate wage order with differing minimum wage rates.

In Connecticut, minimum wage increased to $11 an hour in October and will increase again to $12 an hour on September 1, 2020.

Employers should be aware of these increases and ensure they are in compliance. 

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