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Is a Smartphone the Answer to Employers’ Sexual Harassment Reporting Problems?

As employers grapple with the #MeToo movement, they are looking for new ways to encourage employees to report harassment allegations.  Although employees are feeling more emboldened than ever to speak out, we have learned from the #MeToo movement that many times employees still will  not speak up for fear of discharge or retaliation by their employer or co-workers. In an effort to remedy this problem, several different groups have created applications for employees to anonymously report harassment claims. 

For instance, Kendr is an application that will allow employees to anonymously report “I have a question,” “I have a suggestion,” or “I need help.”  On the employer’s side, they are notified of the message and can address or relay the question, suggestion, or issue in a window that looks like a text message.  Kendr is an encouraging development in working to stamp out harassment claims.  While similar reporting mechanisms such as anonymous hotlines have been around for decades, employees in this age of technology may be more inclined to use the application.  They also may feel encouraged by the anonymity such an app could offer. 

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