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Right on Time: New York City Releases Sexual Harassment Training

The New York City Stop Sexual Harassment Act is now fully in effect.  This means in addition to posting the required notices and distributing the fact sheet to new hires, employers in New York City are required to conduct sexual harassment training each calendar year.

NYC Commission on Human Rights Online Training Is Released.

 On April 1st, the day the law took full effect, the New York City Commission on Human Rights released its online training.  The training complies with both State and City law and can be found here: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/cchr/law/sexual-harassment-training.page.

The training is approximately 45 minutes long and each participant receives a computer generated certificate upon completion of the training.   Employers are not required to use this format so long as compliant training is provided.

Deadlines Will be Here Before We Know It!

For 2019, employers have until December 31, 2019 to comply with the City training requirement.  The State’s deadline for training, however, is October 9, 2019.  For those employers who waited on the New York City guidance to train employees under both laws, the deadline is thus effectively October 9th

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