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NYC Employers Take Notice: NYC Consumer Affairs Changes Name as it Launches a Worker Rights Campaign

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has changed its name to the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP).  Simultaneously, the DCWP launched the “We Fight for Every Worker in NYC” campaign to encourage NYC employees to know their rights and file complaints with the DCWP.  Employers should take notice. 

The campaign was launched, in part, in light of the “federal government rolling back protections for workers.”  This is presumably a reference to the Trump administration’s pro-employer stance on various issues such as joint employment, immigration, etc. 

Along with the name change, the DCWP directs employees to a 20 page Bill of Rights.  The document covers many City employee rights laws such as Paid Sick Leave, the Right to Organize, Discrimination, and Overtime. 

It also breaks down employee rights based on industry.  The focus is on fast food or retail, paid care (e.g., home health care aids and nannies), day labor and freelance positions.  The campaign will be running in various different mediums all over the City.

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