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Are New York City Employees Now Going to Get Personal Time Too?

Employees in New York City may soon receive personal time in addition to safe and sick time.  There is a pending bill before the New York City Council which would allow each employee (of an employer of 5 or more employees) 80 hours of paid personal time in addition to the 40 hours of sick/safe time they already receive.  Employees of employers with less than 5 employees will be entitled to 80 hours of unpaid personal time. 

For employers in New York City, passage of this bill would be significant.  Employees would be entitled to a minimum of 120 hours of paid leave a year.  For unforeseeable leave, employees would need to give as much notice as possible and as soon as practicable.  For foreseeable leave, an employer could require fourteen (14) days’ notice. 

We will continue to monitor this legislation and update you with any developments.

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