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Unless you have been living under a rock these last few months, you know sexual harassment claims are on the rise in every industry. We have seen this in all echelons of government, the judiciary, national sporting leagues, entertainment, and the restaurant industry to name a few.  One way employers work to combat sexual harassment and create a culture in which such behavior is frowned upon is through training.  Very few states require mandatory sexual harassment training.  However, in Connecticut, training is mandatory for certain employers. 

In Connecticut, an employer with fifty or more employees must conduct sexual harassment training for supervisory employees. The training must be done within six months of the assumption of the supervisory position.  This means employers in Connecticut must closely monitor when an employee is promoted to management to ensure the training is conducted in a timely basis.  In fact, human resources should have a standard practice for ensuring a newly promoted employee receives sexual harassment training shortly after promotion.

As for the training itself, it must be at least two hours long and conducted in an interactive classroom setting. Participants must be able to ask questions and receive answers.  This means an employer cannot simply roll out a pre-recorded sexual harassment training and call it a day.  There must be a live presentation.  Additionally, Connecticut law has parameters for the content of the training itself.  For instance, the training must define sexual harassment, discuss the types of conduct that constitute sexual harassment, discuss the remedies available, advise employees that individuals who commit sexual harassment are subject to potential civil and criminal penalties, and provide strategies for preventing sexual harassment.

Connecticut does not require employers to conduct this training on any particular schedule. However, it does suggest the training should be refreshed every three years. 

No matter the size of the Company, we encourage employers to conduct anti-harassment training. It helps foster a corporate culture in which employees understand what harassment is, how to spot it, and who to report it to in the event it happens.  This minimizes exposure for the company.  Training also is a concrete way to show employees that as an employer you care about their well- being and want to do right by them.  

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