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Women Still Earn Less than Men

A new study shows that women still earn less than men.  The study by the White House found that on average, women make 75 percent of what men do.  No matter what age group and what education level, women are below men in yearly earnings.  This problem persists even though there are approximately the same amount of men and women in the workforce.

These statistics are a reminder to employers that the wage gap between females and males persists.  While we all know gender discrimination is illegal, employers should remember that by asking for a salary history from employees, you may perpetuate past discrimination.  This claim has been made before and could be made again.  Each time the wage gap is confirmed, we wonder if this theory will finally gain tradition.  Therefore, it is important to evaluate whether a salary history is something you need to assess how much a prospective employee should earn.  If not, avoid the inquiry and avoid the possibility of discrimination claim.  

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