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Two Way Interviews – An Instant Employee Relations Audit So You Know Your Team’s Top Concerns and Satisfactions

One of our clients, with offices in 26 states across the country, has long sought a mechanism to keep their finger on the sentiments of their team members.  While they have tried many approaches, they believe they found a winner and we agree.  Rather than the old extensive employee survey that is taken in anonymity, and then tallied and analyzed, this is nine open ended questions taken in person.  The results have been impressive.  The Company uncovered two managers that needed to be replaced, multiple employment practices that team members found added unique value to the Company as an employer, and provided that ever elusive pulse of the team. 

As employers prepare for the possible passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, the two way survey provides invaluable insight to how vulnerable you are to unionization as well as other forms of employee unrest that arises when employees feel the company won’t listen.  It also confirms what message employees are hearing from management and who is delivering it.  Furthermore, it is a great way for management to learn firsthand what is happening in the field.  It also shows employees that management cares.  It is akin to TV’s latest reality show, Undercover Boss, but without the cloak of secrecy.  Overall, uses for Two Way Interviews are unlimited.  You can modify the questions based on past results and current initiatives in your company and the business world. 

Of course, effective use of a two way survey is based on employee trust and the skill of the interviewer.  If your team lacks these qualities, they need to be developed.  If your team possesses these qualities Two Way Interviews may be a great tool for you. 

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