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Philadelphia Narrowly Rejects Paid Sick Leave Law as Proposal Gains Strength in NYC

Paid sick leave is a hot item on the legislative agenda.  There is currently no federal law requiring employers to provide paid sick leave, although such a proposal was reintroduced last month.  Only one state, Connecticut, requires employers to provide paid sick leave.  Now cities are stepping up to enact paid sick leave laws, so employers must remain on alert.

The only major cities with paid sick leave laws to date are on the West Coast: Portland, Oregon; Seattle; and San Francisco.  Now the trend is moving east.  The Philadelphia City Council passed a paid sick leave law 11-6, but failed to gain the one vote necessary to override the mayor’s veto.  Meanwhile, New York City, which just enacted a law to ban discrimination against the unemployed, is close to passing a similar law.  Council members reached a compromise in late March that is expected to pass over Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anticipated veto.  If it passes, New York City businesses with at least twenty employees will need to provide five paid sick days to employees beginning April 1, 2014.  Even employers who already provide paid sick leave could have to modify their policies to conform with the law.  We will keep you posted on the status of this legislation.

Employers must keep track of developments not only on the state and federal levels, but also on the municipal level to ensure they are complying with all applicable labor and employment laws.  Regularly reviewing and revising your policies to comply with these new laws can save you from costly mistakes.

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