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New Mexico Legislature Passes Bill That Would Broaden Scope of the Anti-Discrimination Statute

The New Mexico legislature approved a bill that would extend the state’s antidiscrimination statute to cover sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. The bill will be sent to Governor Bill Richardson (D), who previously pledged to sign the legislation.The state Human Rights Act makes it illegal to discriminate in matters of employment, housing, credit, union membership and public accommodations. If the bill passes, it will apply equally to homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, and gender identity, and would cover a broad range of workers, including government workers.

While it appears likely the bill will pass, efforts to pass similar legislation date back over ten years. Most recently, the House rejected comparable legislation in 2001. If the bill is signed, New Mexico will be the twelfth state to enact such legislation, in addition to the District of Columbia. Should you have any questions about this article, please call or e-mail Brody and Associates, LLC. We can be reached at 203.965.0560 or info@brodyandassociates.com.