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Training: An Investment in Improved Productivity and Cost Savings

In this down market, employers are facing more disgruntled employees then they’ve seen since the 90’s and before. As the level of employee discontent rises, so should pro-active supervisory training. Failure to recognize this reality could mean:

  • employees exploding at work due to a layoff after many years of service and literally harming their fellow workers through physical violence;
  • employees damaging the company by destroying equipment, including computers and all the information they contain;
  •  employees publicly damaging the company’s reputation;
  • decreased productivity due to low morale; or
  • business distractions and spiraling costs due to the defense of employment based litigation.

Our clients are seeing all of this and asking for help. To avoid such a reality at your company, act now and train your management team on how to spot the tell tale signs of such conduct and how to control it. You may hope to avoid this expense, but can you afford the risk?