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Don’t Let Your Company Become the Next Workplace Violence Headline

How many of you have ever seen a news story about a workplace shooting and said to yourself – that would never happen at my office?  We are sure you are not alone.  However, there are an average of 590 workplace murders every year.  Workplace violence is a real issue that many employers do not take the time to address until it is too late. 

Maybe the largest problem is that many employers struggle to implement an effective workplace violence program.  OSHA recently issued a new guide which includes not only enforcement procedures for its investigators, but helpful tools and tips for employers to assess their workplaces and implement workplace violence prevention strategies.  The guide even gives industry-specific tips for industries such as retail, healthcare and social services.    

Some general tips for all employers include:

  • Have a well drafted workplace violence prevention policy in your handbook
  • Install an alarm system in your building, especially if you often have employees staying late by themselves
  • Require everyone entering or exiting the building to swipe a company-issued badge or otherwise register with the company
  • Install bright lighting in the parking lots and other outdoor areas
  • Encourage your employees to report all threats and incidents of violence in the workplace

With just a few small steps, employers can maintain a safe environment for their employees.  Brody and Associates regularly advises its clients on matters involving OSHA and OSHA compliance.  If we can be of assistance in this area, please contact us at info@brodyandassociates.com or 203.965.0560.