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Department of Labor Plans To Take Next Step in White Collar Exemption Overhaul in November

Earlier this year, President Obama ordered the Secretary of Labor to overhaul the executive, administrative, and professional exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act’s overtime and minimum wage requirements.  President Obama directed the Secretary “to propose revisions to modernize and streamline the existing overtime regulations.”  The Secretary just announced she will deliver his suggestions this November.

The Department of Labor’s latest Semiannual Agenda of Regulations includes a timetable to release a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the new exemptions for November 2014.  At that point, the public will have an opportunity to view and comment on the proposed changes.  We will have a better idea of how the Department of Labor views the issue and in what direction it intends to take the revisions once this step occurs.  We will continue to update you as the revisions to the white collar exemptions continue to wind their way through the administrative rulemaking process.

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