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Connecticut Employers Must Re-Evaluate Sick Leave Law Coverage

Do you know how many employees you had in 2012?  Connecticut businesses with 50 or more total employees in any calendar quarter of 2012 are covered by the Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Law for 2013.  To determine if this applies to you, look at the total number of employees you had in each calendar quarter last year, not the total number you had at any one time.  If the number exceeded 50, you must provide paid sick leave in accordance with the Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Law in 2013.  However, just because you were subject to the Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Law last year, does not mean you are required to provide paid sick leave this year.

If you are subject to the law, you do not need to provide paid sick leave to all your employees.  Only employees who are non-exempt, are paid hourly, and are “service workers” are entitled to this benefit.  Whether an employee is a service worker is based on a functional analysis of the worker’s role compared to job classifications provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  If in doubt, consult an attorney.

Employers who are subject to the law for the first time may need a crash course in order to comply.  If you would like more information on the Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Law, including the full-text of the statute, the required workplace posting in both English and Spanish, a guide to the law from the Connecticut Department of Labor, and our articles providing comprehensive analysis of the law, click here.

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