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Are Your Year-End Bonuses Conveying Your Message?

Buying a full-page ad in the New York Times and leaving it blank would be a waste of money.  But that’s what employers do when they give year-end bonuses without explaining why.  Employees are left looking at their fatter paychecks, happy, but not necessarily caring why.  Was it to reward hard work?  Has the company reached a milestone?  Is the company just generous, or is it recognizing exceptional contributions?

Awarding employees additional compensation can be a powerful, positive statement that, if built upon, can motivate employees into the upcoming year.  For example, explaining to employees they received a bonus because they exceeded a certain goal could motivate them to exceed it again next year.  By not providing an explanation, you miss the chance to get your message across.  Thus, whenever you award a bonus, use it to deliver your message; don’t “leave it blank.”