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Another Minimum Wage Increase Into The Double Digits…

We have reported on a myriad minimum wage increases this year for various cities and states.  In some cases, the increase has resulted in a minimum wage significantly higher than the federal minimum.  Earlier this month, yet another jurisdiction joined this growing list.

The City of Chicago passed an ordinance which will eventually raise the city’s minimum wage to $13.  The wage will rise to $10 this summer and continue to increase each year until it reaches $13 in 2019.  As is common with many recent minimum wage increases, the wage will subsequently be pegged to inflation to maintain its relative value.

While the federal minimum wage has not risen for many years and continued Congressional gridlock makes it unlikely to do so in the foreseeable future, the trend to raise the minimum wage at the state and/or municipal level is increasing in popularity.  Some increases, like this one, were passed by a legislative body (in this case, the Chicago City Council), but others have passed by popular vote in a referendum.  We will continue to monitor minimum wage laws throughout the country and update you as new developments occur.

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