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Brody and Associates Guides a Veteran to Victory

A veteran returning from his second tour of duty in Afghanistan came home to a lawsuit wrongfully blaming him for injuries he did not cause.  With nowhere to turn, Brody and Associates agreed to represent him pro bono

The lawsuit claimed the plaintiff suffered serious injuries when he fell in a stairwell in a condominium complex.  Although the plaintiff was renting our client’s condominium unit at the time, the stairwell was not inside the unit, but rather a “common element” of the condominium complex.  After careful research, we found cases interpreting the state’s condominium laws as protecting condominium unit owners from liability due to accidents occurring outside the unit.  With this research, we successfully obtained a withdrawal of the litigation as against our client.  By acting quickly, we led our client to victory without him having to answer interrogatories, produce documents, sit through depositions, or ever set foot inside a courtroom.

We are honored to have had this opportunity to serve someone who has spent years training, serving, and sacrificing for his country.