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Category: Sexual Orientation

Hostile Work Environments Based on Any Protected Status Are Unlawful in Connecticut

Although sexual harassment is the kind of harassment we hear about most, the Connecticut Supreme Court recently affirmed that the state antidiscrimination statute applies to harassment based on other protected statuses, even though it appears …

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Gender Identity – the New Sex Discrimination?

In a landmark decision, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission held that discrimination against transsexual employees constitutes “sex discrimination” in violation of the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  While there has been …

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EEOC Has Record-Setting Year

The Obama Administration may go down in history as the Administration of Enforcement: investigations of worker misclassification and wage and hour issues are way up.  Now we’re seeing it also applies to the civil rights …

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FMLA and COBRA May Soon Extend Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

Last month, New York became the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage.  With the increasing legalization of same-sex marriage, state and federal governments will now have to contend with whether same-sex couples will be allowed …

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