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Category: Privacy Rights

Supreme Court Employment Law: Decisions Limit Employee Free Speech Rights

Supreme Court Employment Law: Decisions Limit Employee Free Speech Rights Employers must also guard against ‘hostile work environment’ The Connecticut Law Tribune September 19, 2012 The latest Connecticut Supreme Court term included six major decisions …

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Can Your Employees Come to Work High? – Connecticut’s New Medical Marijuana Law

The Connecticut Law Tribune July 23, 2012   Governor Malloy recently signed into law House Bill 5389, making Connecticut the seventeenth state to allow physicians to prescribe marijuana for medical use to certain qualifying individuals.  …

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Credit Checks by Employers – Are They Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Credit checks may become a thing of the past for most employers.  Seven states (California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, and Washington) have laws prohibiting employers from checking credit reports unless there is a nexus …

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NLRB’s Facebook Firing Complaint NOT a Ruling, but Still a Good Reminder

A nationally featured story involving a “Facebook Firing” is making a lot of waves, but is all this attention warranted yet? The story is that of Dawnmarie Souza who in Facebook posts referred to her supervisor at American Medical Response (AMR) as (among other things) a “scumbag.” While the juicy details make for interesting water cooler conversation, this case is, so far, legally insignificant. Contrary to many reports, there has been no “ruling” in this case by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), only a “Complaint” by a Regional Office. However, although the law has not changed and no decision has yet been issued, this case does remind employers (both unionized and union free) to consider the implications of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) on their social media policies.

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