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Category: Employment-at-Will / Restrictive Covenants

No-Poach Agreements Okay for Fast-Food Franchisees? DOJ says Maybe!

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) argued no-poach agreements between fast-food franchisors and individual franchisees may actually have certain consumer benefits.  While not a perfect shield, this requires more work for challengers …

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Got A Prescription for That?: Colorado Supreme Court Says You Can Fire A Worker for Smoking Medical Marijuana

In a blow to legalized marijuana advocates but a move that is sure to please employers, the Colorado Supreme Court recently ruled that a company could lawfully fire an employee who used medical marijuana on …

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Think Your Former Employees Can’t Use the LinkedIn Contacts They Got With Your Help? Think Again

Do your employees have profiles on LinkedIn?  Are they connected to your customers?  Must they “unfriend” your customers if they ever left your company?  Maybe not!  In Cellular Accessories for Less, Inc. v. Trinitas LLC, …

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